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Internet storefront startup checklist

Internet storefront startup checklist Do you have some products that you want to sell on the Internet? This checklist will give you an overview of what you need to start a successful online storefront. Your location and the amount of office space is not relevant to getting started. Having the products that customers want at […]

Top ten reasons for and against selling on Amazon

With all the online marketplaces available should you consider selling on Amazon?  With the work I do at Inspire Technologies, I have a unique perspective on the pros and cons for selling on Amazon.  The list is not any order. Reasons to Sell on Amazon Amazon is the World’s largest online marketplace.  Therefore your products […]

Review of Three Leading Shopping Cart Solutions

The shopping cart used for your Internet store is a significant decision for any online business.  Like the purchase of a brick-and-mortar store, the chosen store software must meet the business’ needs for today and the  for the next few years. I want to provide a comparison of three shopping-cart solutions.  This comparison is not […]