EDI Services

Inspire Technologies, Inc. has successfully implemented EDI for many clients in various industries.  We have set up EDI with most of the large box stores and various online marketplaces. We have experience interfacing EDI to ERP systems, including (but not limited to) Oracle, SAP, KBM, ROSS, VAI, Lawson.  We can provide an add-on Audit and Control module for clients to reduce the manual effort of EDI. With proper EDI audit functions, it becomes a matter of managing the exceptions, not every document.

Inspire Technologies has worked with intricate and challenging document flows.  EDI is certainly one of our strong suits – we are very capable of providing you with the best solution.  You can move the entire implementation of your EDI project from your shoulders to ours.  We will deal with your trading partners’ needs and provide the full turnkey business solution. We are available for the outsourcing of a specific document or a specific trading partner setup.  We can also act as your EDI department if you want to outsource all of your EDI support needs to us. The choice is yours.

We are very flexible and can provide a solution that meets the individual needs of each client.

EDI Services Highlights

  • Extensive experience with Extol, Cleo, Gentran & True Commerce products
  • EDI project implementation from installing and configuration of software forward
  • EDI mapping, new trading partner setup, new document setup
  • EDI application interface development in various programming languages
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) using customer forecast data
  • EDI Support – we can act as your EDI department providing support where needed
  • Audit and Control add-on module to remove the manual effort factor of EDI
  • EDI process audit
  • Direct store delivery (DSD) experience
  • Experience with various documents, including (but not limited to):

210                  215                  810                  864                  835                  218

824                  830                  850                  875                  837                  224

852                  855                  852                  880                  820                  216

860                  861                  856                  940                  812                  816

943                  944                  860                  945                  204                  990

A broad range of industry experience, including (but not limited to) manufacturing, automotive, defense, retail, insurance, health care and public warehousing.