Inspire’s I3 System – Inspire Item Intelligence

The I3 system supports a robust product catalog designed specifically for e-commerce markets. It is designed to support large product catalogs and multiple e-commerce marketplaces. The I3 system can automate the product feeds to any number of online marketplaces and comparison shopping engines.

  • The product catalog supports an unlimited number of product descriptions and product images that can be classified for different usage.
  • Product inventory sources can be suppliers as well as internal inventory.
  • Business rules define inventory allocations, product pricing and shipping lead times.
  • Product re-pricing can be performed by competitive price analysis within a marketplace
  • Products can be associated with an unlimited number of store categories
  • Products can have an unlimited number of attributes and parent/child relationships.

Unique Value Proposition

For the Manufacturer or Suppliericon-manufacturer:

Your inventory attributes, relationships, prices (including MAP and MSRP), and item availability are electronically supplied to your wholesalers (dealers) daily resulting in increased exposure of your products as well as the assurance that the supplied information is accurate and current.

For the Retailer:icon-retailer

Increased exposure of your items resulting from efficient utilization of multiple sales channels will result in increased sales and decreased item management costs. Centralized maintenance and automation of item inventory and attribute updates will also reduce the likelihood of listing errors and selling items that are out of stock.